GIV's 2021 predictions

Meir Givon, founder, and CEO, GIV Solutions
Meir Givon, founder, and CEO, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>GIV Solutions</a>

Meir Givon, founder, and CEO, GIV Solutions

Who is GIV Solutions LTD?

GIV Solutions supplies Smart Software Solutions for intensive infrastructure organizations in a variety sectors : governmental companies , security, transportation, energy companies, private sector, industrial companies, public sector, water companies and more.

GIV implements, integrates, and executes IT projects including bi-national R&D, software development and maintenance with Infor EAM platform.

The majority of the GIV’s projects are TURNKEY fixed price with comprehensive responsibility in Israel and abroad. The company reaches its business goals along client’s satisfactory. The projects can be under both private or public cloud, or premise, according to the client’s request.

GIV’s 2021 predictions:

Smart City

We believe many cities will boost their preparations towards a modern Smart City. The main issue that must be emphasized is that a Smart City without a central management system that acts as its heart and brain, will not be able to perform as a real Smart City.

Today many decision makers in the governmental sector understand the misleading opinion couple years ago, when Smart City was described as a city with dozens of cameras, sensors and WIFI stations. These elements alone do not create a Smart Cities!

The whole idea is what conclusions, and decisions, what management processes, what value do you get from all these devices? And how do you translate it for the resident benefits? You must have a comprehensive, cutting edge, RT, business-oriented  system that will report what actions must be taken, with the relevant modules available to process, manage, decide, analyze, display, share monitor, alert, conclude and optimize, such as GIV-CITY™.

Smart Campuses

The Covid-19 pandemic that erupted last March, devoured business plans worldwide. Schools, universities and colleges had to lock up their gates, and sent the students and pupils to a ZOOM™ distanced learning method.

In Israel, the Corona hit hard the education system that reacted like others. We believe that 2021 would face the same fate, as many students keep on studying through distanced platforms.

There is another approach!

One of GIV Solutions products is GIV-CAMPUS™ - an innovative, comprehensive management system designed for education management organization. Always, but today especially,  there is an urgent need to utilize every available space for the curricula continuity, to be used with the highest utilization. Most education organizations have not met this solution, but those how did are highly satisfied.

In 2021 we will definitely witness a surge of education organizations moving to comprehensive logistics and learning processes totally integrated , with service, finnance, BI, mobile AI, operated as holistic solution for education organization with significant increase of values , services, flexibility, in hybrid learning, with cross organization processes.

Transportation and service organizations

With the huge alteration towards digital transformation in 2020, many companies have agreed that the industry must leap towards generation 4.0 and its representing method. Using integration from sensors with IOT and control systems, with AI of machine learning as part if the main management systems.

Transportation and services companies perform daily a full alteration to a paperless industry and enter the world of digital transformation.

The execution and coordinated step towards digital transformation continues GIV Solution’s credo. The ability to perform innovation combined with advanced technologies is by far in the company’s DNA and completes the CEO’s and founder, Meir Givon, approach.

GIV Solution and Infor EAM will keep their collaborated technology actions to lead and progress towards digital transformation in Israel and abroad.

Company’s products:

GIV-CITY™- innovative, leading , holistic system for a full Smart City management, connects to the city’s sensors and SCADA systems. The system fits cities, towns, local authorities, medium and large educational campuses (collages, universities, schools). GIV-CITY™ functions as the brain and heart of any organization.

GIV-CAMPUS™- organizational, operational management system for educational, learning and resources management for any aspect.

An innovative system based on the latest most updated IT technologies along with a full required disciplines combination to support the needed learning process.

The systems operate and designed for education, learning and guidance organization, and every organization/institute that support these fields.

GIV-BMS™- (Bridge Management System)

An innovative comprehensive system for a complete life cycle management designed for bridges, tunnels and road furniture for paved roads and trains.

The system manages and handles every survey aspects during its life cycle (maintenance, monitoring, bridge rehabilitation) with all the cutting-edge technologies accompanied.

BMS systems that were produced by GIV are in and extensive use for almost every transportation company in Israel.

GIV-ESTATE™ - a complete system for commercial real estate companies

GIV-ESTATE™ constitutes and holistic, comprehensive, innovative solutions for real companies in the fields of accommodation, industrial, commercial, offices and parking lots.

The system places the tenant and his asset in the middle for the whole life cycle. The system manages contracts, operations, maintenance, budget etc.

GIV-RMS™ - (Road Management System)

Specialized system constitutes high level standard for the operational and maintenance life cycle of paved road (O&M).

The system manages building projects, rehabilitation, and upgrades.

Moreover, the system manages all of the SLA and contractor’s activity along with integration to traffic control systems.