Big Data Offers Fantastic Opportunities
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Big Data Offers Fantastic Opportunities

James Rinaldi, CIO, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
James Rinaldi, CIO, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

James Rinaldi, CIO, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013 and expectations

1. One of the big challenges is integrating consumer intended services into the enterprise, for example, iTunes. Another one is Amazon cloud services.It is difficult to use these type of services into the enterprise for chargeback and allocations etc.
2. Developing applications for mobility across multiple platforms. This include straining developers for new languages and techniques.
3. Taking advantage of big data tools, capabilities and training. This has great
4. Cybersecurity advances while threats increase. Especially advanced persistent and more sophisticated threats. My wish list would include solutions for those challenges and better awareness by suppliers of how to work in the enterprise.

Overcoming Challenges

Finding information in the enterprise is a complex problem since repositories are now more available than ever. A more complete search capability is needed. The current solutions while improving still dont get us there.

A pragmatic problem is getting iPhones working with Microsoft Exchangecalendaring. New releases are not always kept in sync for these products. The customer is often caught in the middle. If Apple and Microsoft could work closer on this, I feel it could be solved. As mentioned before, cyber security is something where the threats change constantly and there are a myriad of tools that need to be acquired and integrated. Training staff and end users are key but always a challenge.

Technology Trends Impacting Enterprise Business Environment

I feel the big data trend is real and offers fantastic opportunities for us. It is a natural fit for JPL since we process and analyze so much data. We are excited about the possibilities. While we have implemented cloud solutions at JPL, the trend Im looking at is how to use this to consolidate data centers and reduce physical space. One other trend (we call it so) is how IT impacts human behavior and vice a versa. Innovation across the enterprise comes from anywhere and IT is involved in everything. Therefore, we in IT need to make sure we understand that and look for solutions.


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